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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: biocage.txt

BIOC Agent 003 Reveals his age!

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      [Letter #2]
  From: BIOC AGENT 003
Mailed: FRI AUG 31  2:03:50 AM
 =->Re: Uploading/Age of BIOC

If you continue to have problems uploading [^] those songs, you may want to try
one of the following:
     [1] Send them via MCI Mail to username:  BIOC
     [2] It is possible that a transfer could be arranged using AE Pro or Disk-
         fer with the Apple.  A Christensen protocol may also be possible on
         machines other than the Apple.
As for "the age of BIOC," then non-phreaking related subversive group that I 
belong to called "BIOC" has been around for 5 years.  I am one of the few 
active "computer people" in the group.  If you are referring to my age, well,
I'd rather not say but it's somewhere between 16 & 18...
***** BIOC Agent 003
*=$=*    Co-Sysop
*****<<=-FARGO 4A-=>>


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