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TUCoPS :: Cyber Culture :: 23things.txt

Top 23 Things Learned at Defcon 1

                    Top 23(!) things learned at DEF CON 1       
                             By The White Ninja                 
                        "Jesus Hacks! Why don't YOU?"           
                 This text file idea blatantly leeched from:    

1. Casino offices can be full of fun!!

2. Casinos generally don't appreciate it when you explore their offices....

3. Yes, some people ARE capable of gambling away $167 in an hour!

4. You can get resonable conference discounts on prostitution in Nevada.

5. One can survive for 3 days in Vegas on $12 and a gift certificate.

6. Viruses are our friends.

7. Give a Casino security guard a walki-talki and he'll swear he's the center
of the universe.

8. Don't commit a felony in front of Gail Thackery.

9. The people who work at the Death Star throw the darndest things in the

10. Pirates and Theives ONLY!

11. If you harass a hotel telephone operator long enough she WILL send

12. When using ITT ask for BOB...

13. Metal plates screwed to your hotel room ceiling generally constitute a
bad sign.

14. Don't forget to Hack the BED!

15. You know your in deep shit when THEY aim an IR-Mic at your window.

16. Setting 11 fires in selected parts of the city is probably a bad idea.

17. The guy who looks most like a fed probably writes for LOOMPANICS.

18. The guy who looks least like a fed probably does security for SUN.

19. As a general rule, don't hack the hotel PBX unless your giving them a
better credit rating.

20. If your wondering where all those C-64 warez kidz went, try talking to
some of the beggars in Vegas.

21. Those COCOTS were gold plated for a REASON!

22. If you plan to stay the night in a hotel, make sure you get a room there.

23. "0K, <00L |>00|>eZ!
        Ba|> LeGaL A|>\/I.C.E.:
            '\/\/HaT T0 |>0 \/\/HeN THe PiGZ <0Me!'
        G00|> LeGaL A|>\/I.C.E.:
            '\/\/HaT N0T T0 |>0 S0 THe PiGZ \/\/0N'T <0Me!'"
                                          GAiL tHACKery

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