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10 Warning signs that your kid might be a hacker

10 Warning Signs That Your Kid May Be a Hacker

    1. Your phone bill lists 1,987 household lines.

    2. Your kid tells you that his/her private interview with the Secret
       Service agent was for a social studies class essay.

    3. You receive mail addressed to Phil E. Phreak.

    4. The kid cheers Lex Luthor whenever a Superman movie runs on TV.

    5. The CEO of a regional Bell operating company appears on your
       doorstep, sobbing uncontrollably and begging forgiveness.

    6. You find a copy of Phrack magazine hidden under the underwear in
       your son's/daughter's bedroom dresser. (The Playboy/Playgirl magazine 
       is next to the handheld scanner, of course.)

    7. The kid asks for a Novell Access Server for his/her birthday.

    8. The little silver-colored wheel on your electric meter spins so
       fast it flies off, slices your neighbor's elm tree neatly in two and
       flattens a tire on a Chevy Monte Carlo three blocks away.

    9. Your son's/daughter's English teacher calls, sounding really
       curious, to ask why the kid selected the Oklahoma City phone directory 
       for his/her monthly book report.

    10. He/She names Robert Morris Jr. as his/her "Most Admired American."

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