Payphone Wardialer

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	Payphone WarDialer

	Wardialing, although an ancient
practice, is still a very usefull 
technique for finding new systems to 
explore. Unfortunately phone companies
do not think exploring phone systems
is a worthwhile activity, and will take
action against anyone found doing so.
I, as a researcher expressely disagree
with this sort of attitude.  It is this
pioneering and explorative attitude 
which made Alexander Bell create the 
phone system in the first place.
	It is no longer safe to 
wardial from a home phone.  I have never
witnessed anything of this nature, but 
have heard horror stories of people 
sent to jail for something as simple as
dialing up random numbers and seeing what
was on the other end.  For this reason, I
will explain a much more secure way to 
do your wardialing...through a payphone!

	A payphone is the perfect place 
to dial from, for several reasons:
1) If done properly, there will no way 
   to link the calling to you.
2) If you are bold enough to scan a range
   of numbers with subscriber lines in it, 
   they will not be able to shut down your
   home line with a call to the phone 
3) You will not tie up your own line, 
   leaving you capable of connecting to as
   many conference calls as you wish 
   through the night.

	Obviously, you cannot call toll 
numbers (Unless you can play very accurate
red box tones before you dial).  Being 
restricted to 800, 888, and 890 numbers is
not a bad thing though, there is plenty of
exploring to be done in that range.
	You run the risk of a loss of a 
good computer and lots of good data.  
Obviously, if the computer is found by an
o-tech, or a civilian, it is likely that 
they'd keep it for their own phreaking 

What you'll need:

1) An old crappy and cheap
   as possible.  Just about anything will 
2) An old modem.  Nothing fancy, connection
   speed is not an issue when simply dialing 
3) A secluded payphone with empty ground near 
4) A tupperware box big enough to hold all of
   your equipment.


	Before you can install anything, you 
will need to setup your computer.  I suggest
using any version of DOS you can get.  You 
may want to format the disk and reinstall DOS
before you use it in order to be sure that no
personal info is on the computer incase it is 
taken by police.  With your fresh version of 
DOS, you should install some wardialing 
software.  I suggest using toneloc.  You will
need to configure your modem and do a test run
to make sure it all works before you install it.

Installing - You will be burying your computer 
underground near the phone and plugging it into
the phone's power supply and phone line.  In 
order to do this you will need to open up the 
panel at the base of the payphone (see 
figure 1.0).  You will need to remove two 
screws at the to of the panel either by
unscrewing them, or simply prying them off
(they come off fairly easy).  The panel
will not immediately come off, you'll 
need to push the whole panel to the right
and then pull it towards yourself.
figure 1.0 - the phone 
   |  |---|  |
   |  | | |  |
   |  | | |  |
   |  |---|  |
      ||||    panel located here
      |||| <--------------------

Inside the phone there will be a regular 
looking power socket and some wires near 
the base. You will be connecting your
computer's power supply in the socket, and 
connecting the red and greet wires from the 
phone cord coming from your modem to the red 
and green wires at the base of the phone.  
Once connected, reattach the panel, without
worrying about the screws.  You will want 
to turn on your computer and start the 
dialing program.  If everything is working 
properly, put the computer in a tupperware
container, wrap that in plastic grocery bags, 
and bury them in as secluded a place as 
Perhaps it would be a good idea to put a 
large 'OUT OF ORDER' sign over the phone
if you think anyone will be using it during
the scan.

The Result:
	In a few days you will want to
retrieve your logs.  You will simply need to 
unbury your computer, and transfer the file
to floppy, or take the whole computer home.

 -Pentium Cowboy
  #hackphreak (EFnet)

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