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YA Book 0.98 Persistent XSS
YA Book 0.98 Persistent XSS
YA Book 0.98 Persistent XSS

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"YA Book 0.98-alpha - Persistent XSS Vulnerability"
	by Omni

1) Infos
Date            : 2007-04-23
Product         : YA Book
Version         : 0.98-alpha - Prior version maybe also be affected
Vendor : - 
Vendor Status   : 2007-04-23 -> Not Informed!
		  2007-04-24 -> Informed!

Description     :  YaBook- Ya Book! ...or yet another guestbook. YaBook is a simple but powerful guestbook running on PHP
                   5. It features easy installation and customization, multi-language support, and an administration
                   interface. Various database systems are supported.

Google Dork     : Powered by YaBook 0.98-alpha - "Powered by YaBook 0.98-alpha"

Source          : omnipresent - omni
E-mail          : omnipresent[at]email[dot]it - omni[at]playhack[dot]net
Team            : Security

2) Security Issues

--- [ Remote Persistent XSS ] ---
YA Book is vulnerable to an XSS. A malicous user can put in the City Field HTML or JS code
(in sigin module: http://host/path/index.php?mode=sign) as shown below: 

Eg script:

The vulnerability exist because the city field is not properly sanitized before being used!

--- [ PoC ] ---
A guest can posts a new message and after put the right captcha :D he can puts in the city field a code like:


for a redirect with JS or.. he can injects other (eg: HTML, JS) codes..

3) Patch

Edit the source code to ensure that the input is properly sanitized before being used.

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