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Internet Explorer 6 and 7 XSS
XSS in Internet Explorer 6 and 7
XSS in Internet Explorer 6 and 7

Hello administrator of!

I want to tell you additional information about CVE-2007-4478 
( and where 
described vulnerability, which I found and disclosed in August 2007.

That time I tested this XSS in Internet Explorer 6, so in description of 
CVE-2007-4478 is mentioned only IE6. But as I checked in October 2008, when 
had possibility to check this hole in IE7, Internet Explorer 7 is also 
vulnerable. As I wrote at my site ( 

So you need to add this additional information (about vulnerable IE7) to 
your current entry or make new entry.

Microsoft still didn't fix this vulnerability in IE6 and IE7. I hope they 
will fix it faster, after I released advisory of Code Execution via this XSS 
in Internet Explorer ( Which is also 
available on English ( 

Best wishes & regards,
Administrator of Websecurity web site 

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