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Weekly Web Hacking Incidents update for Feb 25th
Weekly Web Hacking Incidents update for Feb 25th
Weekly Web Hacking Incidents update for Feb 25th

The Web Hacking Incidents Database (, or WHID for 
short, is a Web Application Security Consortium ( 
project dedicated to maintaining a list of web applications related security
incidents. WHID goal is to serve as a tool for raising awareness of the web
application security problem and provide information for statistical
analysis of web applications security incidents.

To continuously learn about new incidents, subscribe to the WHID RSS at 

The following incidents where added to WHID last week:

* WHID 2009-31: Double Clickjacking Worm on Twitter 
	The 1st Clickjacking incident, but far from the being the 1st
Twitter incident

* WHID 2009-30: Sage SaaS Withdrawn Due to Security Flaws 
	Cloud computing gets to the center of the stage, security-wise.

* WHID 2009-29: FBI & Secret Service warn of a sophisticated HSM attack 
	An intriguing report on a highly sophisticated attack. Does somebody
knows which attack it is?

* WHID 2009-28: Serious Leakage on Mac clone Maker's site 

* WHID 2009-27: Panasonic Products for Cheap 

~ Ofer

Ofer Shezaf [, +972-54-4431119,] 

Founder,, Proactive Web Application Security, 
Leader, WASC Web Hacking Incidents Database Project
Chairman, OWASP Israel 

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