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webMethods Security Advisory: Glue console directory traversal vu lnerability
webMethods Security Advisory: Glue console directory traversal vu lnerability
webMethods Security Advisory: Glue console directory traversal vu lnerability

                  webMethods Security Advisory 
            Glue console directory traversal vulnerability 
Announced: 2007-04-17
Affects:   webMethods Glue 4.x, 5.x, 6.x
Severity:  High

I. Description 
On April 11 2007, Patrick Webster reported a vulnerability in Glue
on this list.

The vulnerability allows a user to remotely read any file on the
server where the Glue server is running.  The full text of Patrick's
advisory is at 
II. Impact 
If an unauthorized attacker can connect to the vulnerable product, 
they can read any file on the target system by submitting a URL
such as http://glueconsole:8080/console?resource=c:\boot.ini 
or http://glueconsole:8080/console?resource=/etc/passwd. No 
authentication is required.
III. Workaround 
There are several optional workarounds:

(1) Disable the Glue console by editing the configuration files as 
follows.  This will prevent the attack, but limit the usability
of the system.

CAUTION: Changing these configuration files may render your system 
unreliable.  Back up all configuration files before making any changes. 

Make the following changes to the web.xml file found in glue/WEB-INF: 
* Remove the glue-console servlet definition 
* Remove the glue-console servlet mapping 

Make the following changes to the glue-config.xml file found in
* Change glue console enablement from "yes" to "no" 
(2) Block access to the /console URL by unauthorized users.  This blocking 
must be implemented using a third party product such as a firewall, and 
does not exist in webMethods products.  This workaround does not prevent
authorized users from reading any file on the system.

(3) If the Glue server is running on a UNIX system, run it within a
"chroot" environment to limit those files which can be read.

IV. Fix 

A fix is not currently available.

V. Versions Affected 
webMethods Glue 4.x, 5.x, 6.x
VI. Mitigating Factors 
VII. Solution 
For Glue 6.5.1, a fix will be available by May 1.  This alert will be 
updated and rereleased with the fix information at that time.

For other versions of Glue, contact webMethods Technical Services for 
VIII. Common Criteria 
This alert does not apply to the Common Criteria evaluated 

IX. Acknowledgements

This problem was reported by Patrick Webster at 
webMethods appreciates Patrick's cooperation in reporting this problem 
and in verifying the vulnerability.
X. Security Alerts 
To subscribe to webMethods security alerts, send an email to with the word 'SUBSCRIBE' 
in the body of the message.  Alternately, subscribe to the "Security 
Alerts" forum on webMethods Advantage. 
XI. Copyright 
Copyright 2007 by webMethods, Inc. Permission is granted for copying 
and circulating this bulletin to webMethods customers for the purpose 
of alerting them to those topics covered by this bulletin, if and only 
if, this bulletin is not edited or changed in any way, is attributed 
to webMethods, and provided such reproduction and/or distribution is 
performed for non-commercial purposes. Any other use of this information 
is prohibited. 
XI.	Revision History 
2007-04-17 Initial release 

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