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Websense 6.3.1 Filtering Bypass
Fwd: Websense 6.3.1 Filtering Bypass
Fwd: Websense 6.3.1 Filtering Bypass

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Date: Dec 12, 2007 6:05 PM
Subject: Websense 6.3.1 Filtering Bypass

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Websense Policy Filtering Bypass
===============================discovered by mrhinkydink

PRODUCT: Websense Enterprise 6.3.1

EXPOSURE: Web Filtering Bypass

By spoofing the User-Agent header it is possible to bypass filtering and,
to a lesser extent, monitoring in a Websense Enterprise 6.3.1 environment.

The following was tested in an unpatched 6.3.1 system using the ISA Server
integration product.  It is assumed it will work with other integration
products but this has not been tested.  Other User Agents may also work.

I.  Install FireFox 2.0.x

II. Obtain and install the User Agent Switcher browser plug-in  by Chris

III. Add the following User Agents to the plug-in

     Description: RealPlayer
     User Agent : RealPlayer G2

     Description: MSN Messenger
     User Agent : MSMSGS

     Description: WebEx
     User Agent : StoneHttpAgent

IV.  Change FireFox's User Agent to any one of the preceding values

V.   Browse to a filtered Web site

VI.  Content is allowed

Content browsed via this method will be recorded in the Websense database
as being in the "Non-HTTP" category.


=======Websense KnowledgeBase article #976

The vendor acknowledges this behavior in the aforementioned article.

=========Disable the protocols mentioned above.

==============Websense has repaired this issue in database #92938

=====mrhinkydink is not to be confused with the blogger by the same name

c. MMVII mrhinkydink

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