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various german online banking sites XSS
XSS vulnerability on various german online banking sites (sparkasse)
XSS vulnerability on various german online banking sites (sparkasse)

The "Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe" with a transaction volume of over 3.300 
billion euro is one of the largest banks for private customers in 
germany. Many local member-banks of the group use the online banking 
portal provided by sfze (, a subsidiary company of 

The online banking software of sfze does not check the HTTP GET 
Parameter "KONTO" on the login page, and displays the content of this 
variable without modification within the html form area.

An attacker may gather login data (ID+PIN) from customers of the 
Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe by tricking them to click on a special crafted 
link, which points to the original login page of the online banking system.

The following trivial example demonstrates the impact of this 
vulnerability by extending the login form with an iframe: 

Some subsidiary companies of Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe which are affected 
by this vulerability:
-Sparkasse Donnersberg
-Sparkasse Ludwigshafen
-Sparkasse K=F6lnBonn
-Sparkasse Aachen
-Frankfurter Sparkasse
-Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord

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