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Vim: Flawed Fix of Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability in filetype.vim
Vim: Flawed Fix of Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability in filetype.vim
Vim: Flawed Fix of Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability in filetype.vim


Product  : Vim -- Vi IMproved
Version  : Tested with Vim 7.2b.10, filetype.vim 2008-07-17
Impact   : Arbitrary code execution
Wherefrom: Local and remote
CVE      : CVE-2008-2712
Original : 

This is an update of a previous advisory[1].  Vim patch 7.1.300 which
purported to fix the ``filetype.vim'' vulnerability did not fix the


  ``Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi.  Many new
    features have been added: multi-level undo, syntax highlighting,
    command line history, on-line help, spell checking, filename
    completion, block operations, etc.''

		-- Vim README.txt

  ``Problem:    Value of asmsyntax argument isn't checked for valid
    Solution:   Only accepts letters and digits.''

    		-- Vim Patch 7.1.300[2]


This is the ``filetype.vim'' vulnerability, described in the sections and of the original advisory[1].  It can lead to
arbitrary code execution upon Vim opening a crafted file.  The file can
be either local or remote, and the filename must match one of the
following glob patterns:

    *.lst (with the exception of /boot/grub/menu.lst)


Quoting the original advisory[1]:

  ``[A]bsent sanitization on line 190, followed by the execute
    statements at filetype.vim lines 181 or 1267:

  ``The code looks in the first five lines [of the file being opened]
    for a statement of the form ``asmsyntax=FOO'', where FOO can contain
    any characters except Tab and Space.  FOO is then executed, without
    any sanitization.''

       187	  let head = " ".getline(1)." ".getline(2)." ".getline(3)."
       188		\" ".getline(5)." "
       189	  if head =~ '\sasmsyntax=\S\+\s'
      *190	    let b:asmsyntax = substitute(head,
'.*\sasmsyntax=\(\S\+\)\s.*','\1', "")
       [... logical flow of the code then jumps to line 181 ...]
      *181	  exe "setf " . b:asmsyntax
       [... or line 1267 ...]
     *1267		exe "setf " . b:asmsyntax

Patch 7.1.300 changed the regular expression in the substitute() call on
line 190:

    let b:asmsyntax = substitute(head,
'.*\sasmsyntax=\([a-zA-Z0-9]\+\)\s.*','\1', "")

This would work if substitute() were a matching function -- returning a
matching string, or an empty string if the pattern failed to match.  But
substitute() always returns its first argument -- substituting the
matching string (if any).  If the pattern fails to match, substitute()
returns its first argument as-is:

                      | pattern matches | no match
    substitute()      | alter match     | return as-is
    matching function | return match    | return empty string

The previous line of code (line 189) remains unchanged, leaving two
different regular expressions.  It is easy to create a payload matching
the first regular expression, but not the second one.  As a matter of
fact, the payload in the test suite[3] that accompanied the original
advisory did just that.

It may be also worth noting that the failure to sanitize the input may
not have been fatal if the ``execute'' statements on lines 181 and 1276
were updated to use the fnameescape() function to sanitize the


The exploit needed a small update in order to work with the current Vim.
It produces error messages, and the exploit text is not hidden.  Making
the exploit fully compatible would be just a matter of spending some
more time.  The updated exploit is called ``filetype.vim.updated'':

    -------- Test results below ---------------
    Vim version 7.2b, included patches: 1-10
    filetype.vim revision date: 2008 Jul 17
    zip.vim version: v21
    netrw.vim version: v127
      strong  : EXPLOIT FAILED
      weak    : EXPLOIT FAILED
-->   strong  : VULNERABLE
-->   weak    : VULNERABLE
    tarplugin : EXPLOIT FAILED
    tarplugin.updated: EXPLOIT FAILED
    tarplugin.v2: EXPLOIT FAILED
    zipplugin : EXPLOIT FAILED
    zipplugin.v2: EXPLOIT FAILED
      xpm     : EXPLOIT FAILED
      xpm2    : EXPLOIT FAILED
      remote  : EXPLOIT FAILED
    gzip_vim  : EXPLOIT FAILED
    netrw     : EXPLOIT FAILED
    netrw.v2  : EXPLOIT FAILED
    netrw.v3  : EXPLOIT FAILED
    netrw.v4  : EXPLOIT FAILED
    netrw.v5  : VULNERABLE
    shellescape: EXPLOIT FAILED


A copy of a patch that fixes this vulnerability can be found at the URL


[1] Collection of Vulnerabilities in Fully Patched Vim 7.1 
[2] Patch 7.1.300 
[3] The Vulnerable Vim Test Suite 
[4] Proposed patch 


This advisory is Copyright 2008 Jan Minar  

Copying welcome, under the Creative Commons ``Attribution-Share Alike''

Code included herein, and accompanying this advisory, may be copied
according to the GNU General Public License version 2, or the Vim
license.  See the subdirectory ``licenses''.

Various portions of the accompanying code were written by various
parties.  Those parties may hold copyright, and those portions may be
copied according to their respective licenses.


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