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Vlbook 1.2 xss bug
vlbook 1.2 XSS Bug
vlbook 1.2 XSS Bug

vlBook 1.02 Advisory


2005 June 23


vlBook 1.02 =A9 2005



The vlbook is a free, open source and light-weight guestbook written in PHP using flat files to store messages
and settings. It comes with install script for quick and effortless installation. Features include a WYSIWYG Editor,
template based skins, multilingual support, avatars packs and more.


- XSS Vulnerability -

This product is vulnerable to an XSS Attack. The variable message is not properly sanitised before being used; so a malicious
people can inject arbitrary XSS code.

PoC 0f XSS:

If an attacker put in the field "Message*:" this code:

Further information:

googledorks: Powered by vlBook 1.02 =A9 2005

Vendor Status:

Informed but I've not received the reply.


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