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TBDev 01-01-2008 - Multiple Vulnerabilities
TBDev 01-01-2008 - Multiple Vulnerabilities
TBDev 01-01-2008 - Multiple Vulnerabilities

TBDev - Cross Site Scripting and HTML Injection Vulnerabilities

Version Affected: 01-01-2008 (16th January 2008) (newest)

Info: TBDEV.NET is a project to further enhance, update and develop a software (php peer-to-peer) from the original torrentbits/bytemonsoon source code.

Credits: InterN0T

External Links: 

-:: The Advisory ::-

Vulnerable Function / ID Calls: 

Cross Site Scripting: (Sysops / Mods Only!)

Cross Site Script Redirection: (Sysops / Mods Only!)

Cross Site Script Redirection: (Anyone, the enduser will need to log in though)

HTML Injection: 
1) http://[HOST]/tbdev/tbdev-01-01-08/my.php 
-- Info field:  << is reflected locally only!

2) http://[HOST]/tbdev/tbdev-01-01-08/my.php 
-- Avatar field: javascript:alert(0)

2b) Affected Sites by HTML Injection:

Internet Explorer 6 and perhaps 7 should be triggered by this.
Please see: for more information. 
Browser Tested: Internet Explorer 7 (FireFox 3 was tested for the other vulnerabilities)

-:: Solution ::-
Secure redirection calls with referer headers (just an example) and filter bad characters.

This system was fun to find bad code in, it sure had a nice diversity of vulnerabilities.


Disclosure Information:
- Vulnerabilities found, researched and confirmed between 5th to 10th June.
- Advisory finished and published on InterN0T the 12th June.
- Vendor and Buqtraq (SecurityFocus) contacted the 12th June.

All of the best,

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