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Touch arbitrary file execute vulnerability
Touch arbitrary file execute vulnerability
Touch arbitrary file execute vulnerability

Title:             Touch arbitrary file execute vulnerability

Version:           Touch Control 2, 0, 0, 55

Discoverer: PARK, GYU TAE ( 

Advisory No.:      NRVA06-04

Critical:          Critical

Impact:            Gain remote user's privilege

Where:             From remote

Operating System:  Windows Only

Solution:          Patched

Notice:            16. 06. 2006 initiate notify
                   19. 06. 2006 Vendor respond but patch yet
                   19. 06. 2006 Second notified with vulnerable CLSID
to KISA(Korea Information Security Agency)
                   30. 06. 2006 KISA respond but patch yet
                   04. 07. 2006 KISA respond and patched vulnerability
but still have concern a little bit
                   05. 07. 2006 KISA respond and modified
                   05. 07. 2006 Disclosure vulnerability

Duration of patch: 20 days


The 'touch' is VOD(Video On Demand) solution on the net

The 'touch' activex has one remote vulnerability.
If using an HTML file that crafted by this vulnerability then you'll
get somebody's remote privilege.

See following detail describe:

The 'touch' have Execute() function. this function requests only one
When input to sPath like string '' then open 
with Internet Navigator
otherwise you want to hack this activex just input to sPath like
then you'll face what you want


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