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Sun Glassfish Woodstock Project - Linked XSS Vulnerability ]
Sun Glassfish Woodstock Project - Linked XSS Vulnerability
Sun Glassfish Woodstock Project - Linked XSS Vulnerability

Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] Advisory       #DSECRG-09-038

Original advisory: 

Application:                Sun Glassfish Woodstock Project (part of Glassfish Enterprise Server)
Versions Affected:          4.2
Vendor URL:       
Bug:                        Linked XSS Vulnerability
Exploits:                   YES
Reported:                   19.03.2009
Vendor response:            20.03.2009
Solution:                   YES    
Date of Public Advisory:    05.05.2009
Author:                     Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] (research [at] dsecrg [dot] com)


Woodstock components are User Interface Components for the web, based on Java Server Faces and AJAX.

Woodstock also is part Glassfish Enterprise Server.

Woodstock has linked XSS vulnerability in 404 Error page.


Using this vulnerability attacker can steal admin's cookie and then 
authentificate as administrator or perform certain administrative 

Attacker can inject XSS in URL string using UTF-7 encoding.

Exploiting this issue required Auto-Select encoding in browser 




This security vulnerabilities fixed in CVS.

The following link to the commit email message for the changes to fix these issue:



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Contact:    research [at] dsecrg [dot] com 

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