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SpyBye 0.3 released
SpyBye 0.3 released
SpyBye 0.3 released

SpyBye 0.3 was released today.  A major new feature is that SpyBye can be
used as a regular web proxy, for regular web browsing.  SpyBye still analyzes 
all content automatically, but it happens in the background.  Whenever, 
dangerous content is encountered, a warning notification is shown in your 
browser that links to an in-depth analysis of the web page.

Proxy mode allows web masters to quickly browse over their sites to detect
malicious content, but it also allows users to protect their systems by 
using SpyBye as their proxy.  The number of warning notifications
encountered by normal browsing may come as a surprise.

You can find the blog entry at 

and source code for download at 

Let me know if you have any feedback.

 Niels Provos. 

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