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shopsite advisory
shopsite advisory
shopsite advisory

Hackers Center Security Group ( 
Doz's Security Advisory

Desc: ShopSite Shopping Cart Multiple XSS
Risk: Medium

ShopSite=99 is the easiest-to-use shopping cart software for small to medium-sized
businesses. ShopSite ecommerce shopping cart is one of the most user-friendly
online shopping carts on the market.


Shopsite is vulnerable to multiple XSS attacks that can lead to
cookie/credential stealing.

Proof of concept:

Being a shopping cart just a cross site scripting attack can be really dangerous
to end users.
Until here, this could be just another cross site scripting advisory.
When I contacted David Hills from reporting the vulnerability with
a snapshot this is what we received from him:

"Your screen shots show the HTML output by our shopping cart.  I do not see any
security hole."

It seems that people wakes up the morning and write shopping carts without
knowing or caring about web application security.

So I felt compelled to warn all the users of ShopSite.

- HSC Security Group 

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