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SinFP 2.04 release, works under Windows
SinFP 2.04 release, works under Windows
SinFP 2.04 release, works under Windows


I'm pleased to announce the availability of SinFP 2.04, which now can 
run under Windows ActivePerl.

SinFP is a new approach to active and passive OS fingerprinting, you can 
know more about its features here: 

SinFP has now more than 130 signatures in its database.

To be informed about new signature files, subscribe to: 

Installation instruction can be found here:;page=sinfp#3 

For Windows users, follow these instructions:

  This was tested with ActivePerl, with PPM v4.0.

  # If you are behind a proxy:
C:\> set http_proxy=http://username:password@proxy:port 

  # Add gomor repository
C:\> ppm repo add gomor 

  # Disable all other repo, if you have many. Or only ActiveState repo
  # by default
  C:\> ppm repo 1 off
  C:\> ppm install Net-SinFP

  # Re-enable all other repo
  C:\> ppm repo 1 on

  Launch it:
  C:\> perl C:\perl\site\bin\

  If you have error messages about failing to load some .dll, go to Then, in the search field, type in vcredist_x86.exe, 
  download it and install it.

Please, do not hesitate to submit new signatures to,
or on the mailing list.

Best regards,

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