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Sendmail mime dos vulnerability
Sendmail MIME DoS vulnerability
Sendmail MIME DoS vulnerability


I am trying to understand how the below mentioned sendmail

The description says that the DoS occurs when sendmail goes in a deeply
nested malformed MIME message and uses the MIME 8-bit to 7-bit
conversion function. Under what conditions would sendmail use the MIME
8-bit to 7-bit function? Only when the remote MTA doesn't understand
8-bit MIME, right?

That would mean that a malicious user would have to force the victim MTA
to relay the malformed mail to a MIME 7-bit-only MTA for the attack to
succeed. This probably means that open relays and ISP SMTP servers are
more vulnerable than purely incoming SMTP servers.

I am just trying to make sense of the advisory and the possible threat
of exploit.


- Siddhartha

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