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Sun single-cpu dos
Sun single-CPU DOS
Sun single-CPU DOS

single CPU Sun microsystems system running solaris7, 8, or 9
(haven't tested on 10). E.g. netra.

if you telnet to a local router, disable nagle (on purpose
or by accident or whatever - if nagle is turned off), and then
ping another device with interpacket delay of 0 and a count
of somewhere above 100,000 pings, it will effectively
DOS the machine you are telneting from.

The machine becomes unusable, will not accept break on console.
totally hung.

After opening a case with Sun on this issue and going back and
forth for 9 months, they have decided that I am manufacturing
jabber and the appropriate course of action is to remove the
offending device (the router in this case) from the network.

In other words, they refuse to fix the DOS issue under the assertion
that it is a physical issue rather than an issue of the OS
improperly handling a stream of small TCP packets.

They have closed the escalation, so I am left with no recourse but
to report it as a bug to the rest of you.

For machines with more than 1 CPU, one cpu becomes bogged down but
the other CPU continues to handle OS tasks ok.

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