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Spip vulns
Vulnerabilities in SPIP
Vulnerabilities in SPIP

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>=- Remote file inclusion in SPIP

Author  : Rusydi Hasan M
a.k.a   : cR45H3R
Date    : April,8th 2006
Risk    : High

>=- Software description

SIPP is a CMS portal with multilanguage support
Version : 1.8.3
URL : 

>=- The Vulnerable



if (isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])
AND strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'var_url'))
	@header('Location: '.str_replace('var_url', 'url', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']));


>=- Vendor

Not contacted yet

>=- Shoutz

~ kecoak (cybertank,cyb3rh3b,cahcephoe,scut,degleng,etc)
~ echo staff
(y3dips,moby,comex,z3r0byt3,K-159,c-a-s-e,S`to,lirva32,anonymous,the day)
~ Ph03n1x,spyoff,ghoz,r34d3r,m_beben,slackX,sakitjiwa,xnuxer

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