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Pivot 1.40.4-7 - Multiple Vulnerabilities
Pivot 1.40.4-7 - Multiple Vulnerabilities
Pivot 1.40.4-7 - Multiple Vulnerabilities

Pivot - XSS and HTML Injection Vulnerabilities

Versions Affected: 1.40.4 and 1.40.7 (22nd March 2009) (newest)

Info: Pivot is a web-based tool to help you maintain dynamic sites, like
weblogs or online journals. Pivot is released under the GPL so it is
completely free to use. It is written in PHP, and does not require
additional libraries or databases to function.

Credits: InterN0T

External Links:

-:: The Advisory ::-

Vulnerable Function / ID Calls:
url, menu, sort, check[], edituser, edit, blog, cat.

Path Disclosure:

Cross Site Scripting: (can only be triggered when One is not logged in).

Cross Site Scripting: (triggers on logged in administrators only) [low
or no impact due to session-key in url]


Cross Site Scripting using Post Method: (triggers on logged in
administrators only) [low impact - see above] << Filter Field.
'> in

HTML Injection: (this will only affect the user logged in apparently..)
sign up formular (all fields might be, but url is recommended to use)
(use "> to escape tag)

-- Set username to 
--- It is possible to trigger it other places such as in the title or in the "hidden" input variable.
---- Use "> to escape the hidden tag and  to escape the title tag.

Affected Admin Site:

-:: Solution ::-
The solution for this is not simple at all. I suggest a complete review
of the entire codebase.

When we first checked the platform for vulnerabilities we had apparently
installed an old version, so we updated to the newest version which
apparently had some "XSS-bug fixed", strangely enough all the
vulnerabilities we found are still there.


Disclosure Information:
- Vulnerabilities found, researched and confirmed between 5th to 10th June.
- Advisory finished and published on InterN0T the 12th June.
- Vendor and Buqtraq (SecurityFocus) contacted the 12th June.

All of the best,

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