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Pre shopping mall v1.0
Pre Shopping Mall v1.0
Pre Shopping Mall v1.0

Pre Shopping Mall


PRE SHOPPING MALL a power full ecommerce shopping mall solution. If you need to setup a online shop or shopping mall PRE SHOPPING MALL is your quickest solution. You can setup your Emall within few hours. Buy install and start selling your products. Very easy to installs and manage powerful administration. Receive payments either through Paypal or Quickest solution for your online business.

Effected files:
search box.

Exploits & Vulns:

XSS Vulnerabilities:

The search and login  box does not sanatize user input before generating it dynamically. This could cause XSS.

For proof of concept just try putting this in the search box:


More XSS Vulns:
For the XSS examples we'll use url injection with the tag:[XSS][XSS] 

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