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OSSTMM 3 Sample Released
OSSTMM 3 Sample Released
OSSTMM 3 Sample Released


To show the progress of the OSSTMM 3 we have released a 20 page sample 
  with the ToC included. You'll see the graphics have not been put in 
nor the new cover attached and there's still some chapters missing and 
2 needing editing but this sample should give you a good idea of the 
extensive content we're working with and how far we've come since the 
Lite version was released. It's a completely new re-write from 2.0 
with a big focus on clarity for the end user. Let's just say we don't 
want it to read like stereo instructions again ;)

You can get the sample at 


Pete Herzog - Managing Director - 
ISECOM - Institute for Security and Open Methodologies - - 

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