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OWASP Israel Conference 2007, Dec 3rd 2007
OWASP Israel Conference 2007, Dec 3rd 2007
OWASP Israel Conference 2007, Dec 3rd 2007

I am proud to announce the program for OWASP Israel 2007 conference to be
held on Dec 3rd 2007 at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya in
participation with the ICD's Efi Arazi Computer Science School. The
conference is free and open for everyone. You are also most welcomed to send
this invitation to anyone who may be interested. Further information and the
full agenda can be found at: 

The Program (full descriptions can be found at 

Cross Site Request Forgery - Overview and Solutions
Ofer Shezaf, OWASP IL chapter leader, Breach Security 

Defeating Web 2.0 Attacks without Recoding Applications
Amichai Shulman, CTO, Imperva 

Harvesting Skype Super-Nodes
Omer Dekel, IDC 

The PKI Lie - Attacking Certificate-Based Authentication
Ofer Maor, CTO, Hacktics 

Hunting Down XSS Vulnerabilities
Erez Metula, Application Security Department Manager, 2Bsecure 

How Dangerous Is It Out There?
Dror Paz, Director of Professional Services, Breach Security 

Smuggling SQL injection attacks
Avi Douglen, Application Security Consultant, ComSec 

SOA security
Iris Levari, Amdocs 

Ofer Shezaf
Work:, +972-9-9560036 #212 
Personal:, +972-54-4431119 

Breach Security
Chair, OWASP Israel 
Leader, ModSecurity Core Rule Set Project
Leader, WASC Web Hacking Incidents Database Project

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