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OWASP Mumbai Meeting : 6th Sep 2007
OWASP Mumbai Meeting : 6th Sep 2007
OWASP Mumbai Meeting : 6th Sep 2007

Mumbai Celebrates OWASP Day : OWASP Live 0

OWASP Day - Day of Worldwide OWASP One Day Conferences

Date: 6th September ,2007

Timing: 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM


Plot No A-1, Opposite SDF 4, SEEPZ, SEZ,


Registrations - LIMITED SEATS !!!

The event is FREE to attend. If you are willing to attend or sponsor, just send a mail to dharmeshmm at mastek dot com as a confirmation.

Note: Since the venue is a restricted area, it is mandatory for each participant to register via email with dharmeshmm at mastek dot com. This would help generating gate passes for all individuals for the event. Else participant will not be able to attend the same.

Interested in Speaking at the event??

1. The topic of the event should be on "Privacy in the 21st Century", so all talks should be related to it (we should be addressing the Web Application side of Privacy (for example what happens to Privacy with SQL Injection, XSS and issues like pdp's Snoop)

2. All events are recommended to have the same panel discussion on the subject "What is the current state of Privacy on Web Application Security? and what should we be focusing on?").

3. Drop in a mail to dharmeshmm at mastek dot com to confirm your presentation.

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