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OWASP JBroFuzz 0.3 Fuzzer Released!
OWASP JBroFuzz 0.3 Fuzzer Released!
OWASP JBroFuzz 0.3 Fuzzer Released!

JBroFuzz is an OWASP Project that emerged from penetration testing. It deals with fuzzing stateless network protocols such as HTTP, SOAP, XML, LDAP, etc. 

Apart from fancy terminology, JBroFuzz 0.3 has inbuilt the following Generators ready to be used:

basic cross site scripting checks (XSS) 
basic SQL injection (SQL) 
buffer overflows checks (BFO) 
format string errors checks (FSE) 
integer overflows checks (INT) 

Furthermore, a user can specify their own custom fuzz vectors by edititing the contents of the generators file (generators-0.3.jbrf1). This is also a first attempt to practically standardise fuzzing types and structure for network fuzzing. 

Oh, and the motto goes: If you can't fuzz with JBroFuzz, you probably don't want to fuzz!

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Download (sourceforge): 

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