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OSSTMM 3 STAR Released!
OSSTMM 3 STAR Released!
OSSTMM 3 STAR Released!


We have just released the updated STAR, Attack Surface Metrics 
calculation sheets, and the rav formula!

As part of certain requirements towards compliance, more and more Euro 
companies (so far in France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland) have 
begun getting their infrastructure's attack surfaces certified through 
ISECOM. As this requires access to the OSSTMM 3 STAR, rav calc sheet, 
and rav formula, we have released them separately here: 

There's more details there at the site about Attack Surface metrics. 
This is the core of the stuff we've been talking about for a long time 
as a game-changer to the current guessing problem of the risk models. 
This works where risk fails.



Pete Herzog - Managing Director - 
ISECOM - Institute for Security and Open Methodologies - - 

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