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International Hacking & Security Conference "POC200"
International Hacking & Security Conference "POC200"
International Hacking & Security Conference "POC200"

We are glad to announce that all speakers of "POC2007" are decided!

The second international hacking and security conference "POC2007" by Korean hackers 
will be held in November 15 ~ 16, 2007. 'POC' means 'Power of Community'. 
We believe that the power of community can make the world safer. 
POC doesn=92t pursue money. 
So we are free to show real hacking and security. 
"POC2007" hates just theoretical discussion. 
"POC2007" concentrates on technical and creative discussion and will show real hacking. 
"POC2007" believes that showing talks much more than just speaking.
Showing real hacking will make "POC2007" different from other hacking conference.

There are two sections in "POC2007". 
One is technical section in which new hacking and security techniques 
will be opened to you. The other is open source section. 
New hacking & security tools and their use for hacking will be introduced. 

You can check the detailed information in 

Thanks to those who submitted their papers and programs.

Kind regards

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