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Informix Multiple Buffer Overflows
Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities in Informix
Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities in Informix

NGSSoftware Insight Security Research Advisory

Name: Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities in Informix
Systems Affected: All versions of Informix
Severity: High
Vendor URL: 
Author: David Litchfield [ ] 
Date of Public Advisory: 2nd August 2006
Advisory number: #NISR02082006D
Advisory URL: 

Informix Dynamic Server is a database developed by IBM. During a security 
assessment of Informix multiple buffer overflow vulnerabilities were 
discovered that could be exploited via SQL or the protocol.


At the SQL level the following SQL statements are vulnerable to overflow.


At the protocol level, overflows were found in the following C functions


Each of these call the getname() function. The getname() function takes a 
source string and copies it to a destination buffer - much like strcpy().

Each of these overflows are trivially exploitable. All have been assigned to 

Further to these overflows, unhandled exceptions can be triggered with a 
NULL pointer in the _sq_scroll and _sq_bbind functions at the protocol 
level. Exploitation of these two flaws would result in a DoS condition. 
These two issues have been assigned to CVE-2006-3856.

Fix Information
IBM was alerted to these flaws between the 6th and the 18th January 2005. 
Patches have now been made available.

NGSSQuirreL for Informix, an advanced vulnerability assessment scanner 
designed specifically for Informix, can be used to accurately determine 
whether your servers are vulnerable to this flaw. More information about 
NGSSQuirreL for Informix can be found here 

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NGSSoftware develops vulnerability assessment and compliancy tools for 
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