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How I was busted. Story of a poor lonesome hacker
How I was busted. Story of a poor lonesome hacker
How I was busted. Story of a poor lonesome hacker

"How I was busted. Story of a poor lonesome hacker"

Hi there,

First I would like to say that this post is not technical, and so most
of you should save time by not reading it. (I apologize for this.)
Then, sorry for my bad english.

My name is Jerome Athias, some could know me, some not, but that's not
You should know that I don't like to speak about me or my private life.
Anyway, I think that this story could be of interest.

I was employed in a little company, in France (the name of this company
will and must remain secret), as programmer analyst.
Today, I've been laid off from this job.
The main reason for that, between few others, is that I've installed,
for educational purposes, "unauthorized hacking tools" (The Metasploit
Framework, Tenable Nessus, Cain & Abel... and Nmap) on my work computer.
Like you, I care about security an privacy...
I am an hacker ("an enthusiastic home computer hobbyist" - Wikipedia),
definitely not a cracker.
I love liberty, human rights and open mind.

I am not claiming charity or money!
(But I accept friendly mails and lawyers' assistance.)
I just want you to avoid against Big Brother.

Take care of yourself!
Best regards

PS: Respectful of your religion (We are all human, all different, all
equal.), I would like personally to salute the life of Soeur Emmanuelle.
( ) - RIP 

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