AOH :: HP Unsorted H :: BX2987.HTM hacked? hacked? hacked?

or have wrong file?

in attempting to upgrade png (due to security problem), we tried to pull 
from sourceforge mirrors.
(note below, libpng says file size for libpng-1.2.27.tar.bz2 with 
scripts should be 641193)  heanet has a bigger file.
other mirrors have it right.

Was heanet.dl hacked?  are some people downloading a trojanized version 
of png?
all attempts (in the past) to contact sourceforge had been useless. 

Attempting to fetch from 
size mismatch: expected 641193, actual 804821

Michael Scheidell, CTO
Main: 561-999-5000, Office: 561-939-7259
 > *| *SECNAP Network Security Corporation
Winner 2008 Technosium hot company award.  

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