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hacking a pacemaker
hacking a pacemaker
hacking a pacemaker

Almost a year ago I gave a talk at the CCC Camp in Germany I called "hacking 
the bionic man". It even made Wired, in some fashion. 

In the talk, among other things such as the DNA and scripting languages, 
medical doctors and reverse engineers...  was about cybernetic hacking.
I gave some predictions, some for 2 years, others 40 years. Some again were 
pure science fiction. I was wrong on the 2 years, it's here.

Today, this came up in the news (hat tip to Paul Ferguson on the funsec mailing 

" The threat seems largely theoretical. But a team of computer security 
researchers plans to report Wednesday that it had been able to gain wireless 
access to a combination heart defibrillator and pacemaker.

They were able to reprogram it to shut down and to deliver jolts of electricity 
that would potentially be fatal . if the device had been in a person. In this 
case, the researcher were hacking into a device in a laboratory. "

 	Gadi Evron.

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