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HITB Ezine 'Reloaded' - Issue #001
HITB Ezine 'Reloaded' - Issue #001
HITB Ezine 'Reloaded' - Issue #001

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Welcome to 2010! We are proud to announce the immediate availability of
our newly ?reborn? HITB ezine! You can grab your digital copies here: 

As some of you may know, we?ve previously had an ezine that
used to be published monthly, however the birth of the HIT-
BSecConf conference series has kept us too busy to continue
working on it. Until now that is...

As with our conference series, the main purpose of this new
format ezine is to provide security researchers a technical
outlet for them to share their knowledge with the security
community. We want these researchers to gain further recog-
nition for their hard work and we have no doubt the security
community will find the material beneficial to them.

We have decided to make the ezine available for free in the
continued spirit of HITB in ?Keeping Knowledge Free?. In addi-
tion to the freely available PDF downloads, combined editions
of the magazine will be printed in limited quantities for distri-
bution at the various HITBSecConf?s around the world - Dubai,
Amsterdam and Malaysia. We aim to only print somewhere
between 100 or 200 copies (maybe less) per conference so be
sure to grab a copy when they come out!

Happy New Year once again and we hope you enjoy the zine!

Zarul Shahrin - 
Editor, HITB Ezine
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