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hostmap-0.2.1 released
hostmap-0.2.1 released
hostmap-0.2.1 released


I am glad to release hostmap version 0.2.1.
In this version there are a lot of bug fixes and some new features.

= Introduction 
hostmap is a free, automatic, hostnames and virtual hosts discovery tool
written in Ruby and licensed under GNU General Public License version 3
(GPLv3). It's goal is to enumerate all hostnames and configured virtual
hosts on an IP address. The primary users of hostmap are professionals
performing vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.

= Changes 
Some of the new features include:

    * Fixed handling of Errno::ECONNRESET in SSL certificate plugin.
    * Upgraded net-dns to latest version from git repository.
    * Fixed traceback on Mac OSX due to net-dns bug.
    * Added check to enumerate host names with DNS TLD expansion.
    * Added --print-maltego to get output in Maltego XML format.
    * Fixed the exception handling architecture, now unknown exceptions
that can be raised on not supported system are handled.
    * Fixed traceback on FreeBSD due to raising of different exceptions.
    * Added Metasploit auxiliary module in extra folder.
    * Added validation of -t option, if it isn't an IP address hostmap
is stopped.
    * Added enumeration plugin timeout, by default at 10 minutes. Can be
changed with user supplied --timeout option.
* Moved website from to 
    * Added warning message to fix traceback if missing libopenssl-ruby.

See the complete list of changes at 

= Download 
You can download it in the following formats:

* Source gzip compressed,

* Source zip compressed,

= Documentation 
* hostmap user's manual: 
* hostmap homepage: 

Alessandro `jekil` Tanasi

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