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Http_peek() heap based buffer overflow
Heap based buffer overflow in http_peek()
Heap based buffer overflow in http_peek()

Kaffeine buffer overflow in http_peek()
Original Release Date: 2006-04-04

0. References

1. Systems affected:

        Kaffeine 0.4.2 up to including Kaffeine 0.7.1. Kaffeine
        0.8.0 not affected.

2. Overview:

        Kaffeine can produce a buffer overflow in http_peek() while
        creating HTTP request headers for fetching remote playlists,
        which under certain circumstances could be used to crash the
        application and/or execute arbitrary code.

3. Impact:

        Remotely supplied playlists can be used to execute arbitrary
        code on the local machine.

4. Solution:

        Source code patches have been made available which fix these
        vulnerabilities. Contact your OS vendor / binary package provider
        for information about how to obtain updated binary packages.

5. Patch:

        Patch for Kaffeine 0.7.x is available from : 

        45cdf59fc1d9d94b045915e9583187d8  kaffeine-0.7.x-CVE-2006-0051.patch

        Patch for Kaffeine 0.5.x is available from : 

        86109b6919cc2984f85dc6a463627c50  kaffeine-0.5.x-CVE-2006-0051.patch

        Patch for Kaffeine 0.4.x is available from : 

        feb69d70388b0a4745b29a644a3f7779  kaffeine-0.4.x-CVE-2006-0051.patch

6. Credits:

	We'd like to thank Marcus Meissner for discovering and reporting
	the issue.

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