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GWextranet Multiple Vulnerabilites
GWextranet Multiple Vulnerabilites
GWextranet Multiple Vulnerabilites

GWextranet Multiple Vulnerabilites

Vendor: Messaging Architects


Just about any action module that request a template or file you can include a file from elsewhere on the server. I was able to refer to the manual on GwExtranet to obtain all the files that utilize the file and template paramenters. They are List, Monthcal, Item, frmonth, week, frameset, fhead, frlist, getvcs, Xlist, nblist,
nbitem, nbfile, directory, xlist, sendto, Xweek, Xmonth, And finally Xitem.

The compose module allows you to add new events to a specific group, but allows for Script code to be injected inside. The result of say...a well placed body onload event effectively defaces the front page until the month is over. (when the event calendar rolls over to a new month).

Vendor Notified (they refused to give me a direct line), no patch yet.

Happy Hacking!

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