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greensql firewall permanent xss
greensql firewall permanent xss
greensql firewall permanent xss

Platform: alls
Bug: permanent xss
Special condition: none
Impact : semi-critical

1) Introduction
2) Bug
3) Proof of concept
4) Credits
==========1) Introduction
==========GreenSQL is an Open Source database firewall used to protect databases from SQL injection attacks. GreenSQL works in a proxy mode and has built in support for MySQL. The logic is based on evaluation of SQL commands using a risk scoring matrix as well as blocking known db administrative commands (DROP, CREATE, etc).
=====2) Bug
permanent xss

====3)Proof of concept
====well the proof of concept can be anywhere , like a login form, an url value everythings is loggued in the green-sql
admin panel. the problem is because there's no filter , so the script logs your query in the database 
and then it's printed in the alert section . this can be pretty nastie ... you "protect" your script agains sql injection with a firewall , but you have a permanent xss in the panel . and actually only the admin see the logs .
so you know that the cookie is the good one !

an exemple can be given in the demo website : fill login or password with  
then go in the admin panel : xss will be executed . 

Laurent gaffie
contact : 

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