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GroupWise 7 attached bugs
GroupWise 7 attached bugs
GroupWise 7 attached bugs

Product: GroupWise 7
OS: Windows xp

Find two types of vulnerabilities in this client is a correo.Una xss and the other a denial of service but I am also appears to be run arbitrary code.

XSS in web access

You can run Javascript code to send an attachment with poorly trained jpg extension.

Denial of Service

By sending an attachment with the maximum allowed characters makes the program break, if we analyse it with a debugger the result is as follows.

Access violation when writing to [02a68a83]

It makes a difference that the extension is used in the proof of concept because if we send the file with this extension html penalties to visualize the mail is broken, in the case of other extensions is necessary to preview the attachment.

I leave here with a zip and two files created, to test the concept.


Juan Pablo Lopez Yacubian

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