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Gracenote buffer overflow
Gracenote buffer overflow
Gracenote buffer overflow


I'm writing in regards to:

GraceNote CDDBControl ActiveX Control
(from CERT and SANS)
Buffer overflow in GraceNote CDDBControl ActiveX Control, as used by
multiple products that use Gracenote CDDB, allows remote attackers to
execute arbitrary code via a long option string. 

Currently, all bulletins I have found reference versions of either Sony or
Nokia software as vulnerable.

I curious if Roxio's CD burning software as well as iTunes (bundled with
QuickTime too) and winamp may also contain the vulnerable ActiveX control. 

After installing the Sony software, an older version, I found the file
"CDDBControlSony.dll" -- and the Properties/Company reveals GraceNote, as

The patch program from Gracenote patches "CDDBControl.dll".

After checking other "CDDB*.dll" files, I found GraceNote versions tied to
Roxio, winamp and iTunes.

Roxio versions/hashes (cddbcontrolroxio.dll):	0x6F193027C13C9D782F2A3043DDEF62C1	0x5DA1790D87414AA9E2433D5922CD9DCC	0x0110C4A3E8B6B67756919FDAEAA86E17

I have no way of knowing if these files are vulnerable, as their is not
enough information in the bulletin, except, purely, the fact that these
existed before the bulletin release.

While Sony Connect, and Nokia software may not be wide spread, I believe
Roxio, winamp and iTunes are exceptionally widespread.  Any insight anyone
can provide is appreciated.



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