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rPSA-2006-0098-1 gdm
rPSA-2006-0098-1 gdm

rPath Security Advisory: 2006-0098-1
Published: 2006-06-08
Products: rPath Linux 1
Rating: Severe
Exposure Level Classification:
    Local System User Deterministic Privilege Escalation
Updated Versions:


    In previous versions of gdm, if the "face browser" feature is enabled
    (it is disabled by default), any user can access the gdm configuration
    screen with their own password instead of being required to provide the
    root password.  This is known to enable subverting other user accounts,
    and may also enable subverting other system accounts, possibly including
    the root account.  Disabling the "face browser" feature is an effective
    work-around for this vulnerability, but rPath recommends updating gdm
    to resolve it.

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