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Flv players multiple input validation vulnerabilities
FLV Players Multiple Input Validation Vulnerabilities
FLV Players Multiple Input Validation Vulnerabilities

Produce : FLV Players 8
Website :

[+] Fullpath Disclosure :

1) http://localhost/flv8/paginate.php

Fatal error: Class simplepagemaker: Cannot inherit from undefined class object in /var/www/zero/httpdocs/flv8/paginate.php on line 45

2) http://localhost/flv8/player.php?p=somthing

atal error: SimplePageMaker::make() - out of bounds in page chihaja in /var/www/zero/httpdocs/flv8/paginate.php on line 131

[+] Multiple Cross Site Scripting

PoC :



Contact :

Moroccan Security Research Team

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