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rPSA-2006-0084-1 fetchmail
rPSA-2006-0084-1 fetchmail

rPath Security Advisory: 2006-0084-1
Published: 2006-05-26
Products: rPath Linux 1
Rating: Minor
Exposure Level Classification:
    User Non-deterministic Weakness
Updated Versions:


    Previous versions of fetchmail, when talking to a hostile (possibly
    compromised) mail server, are vulnerable to possible denial of
    service or user compromise.  Because a hostile or compromised
    mail server can take other actions on the user's behalf and
    has been provided with user authentication data, this individual
    security update can provide only limited protection against hostile
    or compromised servers, and does not and cannot protect against
    attacks such as theft of authentication information or email data
    by a hostile or compromised mail server.

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