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eSitesBuilder Vulnerabilities
Vulnerabilities in eSitesBuilder
Vulnerabilities in eSitesBuilder

Hello Bugtraq!

I want to warn you about security vulnerabilities in eSitesBuilder. It's
Ukrainian CMS which used particularly for e-commerce sites.

These vulnerabilities I found in 2007-2008 years at one online shop site
(and later I found some of these vulnerabilities at another site on this
engine). And recently I found, that this engine for online shops - it's

Advisory: Vulnerabilities in eSitesBuilder
Affected products: possibly all versions of eSitesBuilder.

21.11.2007 - found some of these vulnerabilities.
11.08.2008 - announced at my site.
11.08.2008 - informed admins of web site.
11.08.2008 - found others of these vulnerabilities.
11.02.2009 - disclosed at my site about first vulnerabilities.
05.05.2009 - disclosed at my site about other vulnerabilities.
06.05.2009 - informed admins of web site about other vulnerabilities.
18.06.2010 - disclosed at my site about vulnerabilities in eSitesBuilder
(after I found that they concerned with eSitesBuilder).
19.06.2010 - informed developers (in case if owners of vulnerable site
didn't informed them in previous years).

These are Cross-Site Scripting and Insufficient Anti-automation





Insufficient Anti-automation:



In registration form and in contact form there is no protection from
automated requests (captcha).

Best wishes & regards,
Administrator of Websecurity web site 

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