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Durzosploit v0.1 alpha
Durzosploit v0.1 alpha
Durzosploit v0.1 alpha

Hi all readers=2C

Just releasing a very small tool I wrote called Durzosploit.

Durzosploit is a javascript exploits generator framework that works through the console. This goal of that project is to quickly and
easily generate working exploits for cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in popular web applications or web sites.

Please note that Durzosploit does not find browser vulnerabilities=2C it only is an framework containing exploits you can use.

More info can be found here: 
You can get it through the SVN: 

At present there isn't many exploits:
(dz)> search exploits               -       Updates a target's status             -       Updates your target's settings       -       Write your message in your target's mind
drupal/edit_user_profile                -       Drupal 6.x - edit the profile of the user
drupal/logout                           -       Drupal 6.x - makes target logout

My focus has been on the framework itself=3B allowing people to quickly write their exploits and adding some automated obfuscators (Deanedwards is in there).

I'll also use that email as a chance to give a quick update on Browser Rider. I am currently working on its API=2C a ruby client and a small firefox extension. I think Durzosploit will be a good addition to all of that.

Please email to benjilenoob(_at_) if you have any questions=2C issues=2C bugs=2C ideas=2C contributions. I'll be happy to answer you ASAP.

have fun!


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